Toward the heights we continually seek as far as the future extends.

Yoshiaki Tsuchiya, Representative Director, President and Executive Officer, Mynavi Corporation × Hasen Kuniyama, PIVOT, Inc.

What is “purpose”?

It has similarities to “mission” or “management philosophy,” but is a bit different.

These days, when the connection between companies and society is indispensable,

this term, which is translated as “reason for being” in business scenes,

is sought after by many companies.

This is the story of each of our employees, who walk alongside the purpose set forth by Mynavi.

Purpose begins to pulse with life the moment someone makes the choice to open the door to a new world with their own hands.

In “Purpose Story,” we speak with various people working at Mynavi, and seek to discover the seeds of possibility dwelling within them.

The first to be featured is Yoshiaki Tsuchiya, Representative Director, President and Executive Officer of Mynavi. He is joined by Hasen Kuniyama, a former TBS announcer who has just begun to participate in business video media “PIVOT” as producer. Hasen is also someone who has taken the challenge of betting on his own possibilities and taking a step into the future.

What is “a world with a visible future” for Tsuchiya and Hasen? On this day, nearing the end of rainy season and showing signs of the oncoming summer, these two had an exchange.

The time has come to drastically change the culture of Mynavi.

“How do you feel now, coming upon the 50th anniversary of Mynavi’s founding?” asked Hasen to open, starting with a celebratory mood. Surprisingly, Tsuchiya responded with a calm tone. “I’m from a generation where I grew up hearing that you can rest easy if a company makes it 30 years. For that reason, I’m glad that we have successfully reached our 50th year. However, lately what I’ve been thinking about is, ‘All right, then what will we do for the next 50 years?’”

“I don’t think there’s an easy answer that enables us to carve out our future with certainty. What I do understand is that the next 50 years will be entirely different from these past 50 years.”

These days, the flow of things is rapid, and people’s attitudes and corporate structures are undergoing fundamental change. Responding to Tsuchiya, who grasped the spirit of the times as it was, Hasen gave a deep nod in empathy.

Since its founding, Mynavi has developed businesses relating to people, including supplying information about recruitment, job changes, and education, as well as performing recruitment services. Looking back at Mynavi’s history to now, it can be stated that the company has experienced 50 years of growth within an existing framework. But will that framework continue to exist into the future? Tsuchiya’s sense of crisis permeates each of his words.

“I think the next 50 years will be a time of creating new value from scratch, without being shackled by the form success has conventionally taken. So what do we need in order to achieve that? We need to drastically change the very culture that Mynavi has built to now. We need to change the values and behaviors of the people who work at this company. Otherwise, we will ultimately be unable to produce innovation.”

There is an immense difference between producing results within set rules, and coming up with ideas and taking action in a fresh state where the rules have been cleared away. Facing challenges in areas he has yet to experience, Tsuchiya expresses his own determination.

No matter what, he wants an axis where all employees are aligned in spirit.

“And that’s why right now, there was a need to newly create purpose?” asked Hasen. “Exactly,” responded Tsuchiya. Next, Tsuchiya explained the motivation for creating purpose.

“When giving serious thought to the company 50 years from now and the way this company should be, I felt that no matter what, we needed a foundation that allowed all employees to be aligned in spirit—one axis that could be passed down regardless of generation.”

What is the nature of Mynavi? How does Mynavi want to remain? It is likely that Tsuchiya believes that putting into words the reason for the company’s being, which had not yet been given a clear image, will provide the impetus for making a leap into the future.

“Purpose is something that will continue on as long as the human race exists,” said Tsuchiya. “To begin with, I believe that purpose is a principle so lofty that even if you spend 100 years, it can’t be realized. Something you can accomplish in 10 or 20 years can’t be called purpose. What we need is to single-mindedly put efforts toward heights so far in the distance that they can never be reached. I believe such an attitude is the most important, and that the power to create new values is nurtured in that process.”

When the times change, naturally the forms taken by the services provided by society change. However, purpose, which creates and supports those things, is passed from generation to generation like a baton.

The history that has been built is tightly packed inside.

“Engage with each person’s possibilities, and create a world with a visible future.” Within this purpose is expressed the worldview that Mynavi seeks to create across the entire group.

Reflecting upon each word, Hasen replied: “Does ‘each person’ in this purpose refer to the users of the services supplied by Mynavi, the clients, and the employees? I suppose it may also include the families of employees, and the future children who haven’t yet been born.” In response, Tsuchiya continued, “That’s right.”

“Imbued in this is our unchanging desire to create opportunities for success and growth in the lives of our users. Surely everyone involved with Mynavi passionately hopes to open up their possibilities and to believe in their futures. If we don’t think not only of the present, but also of the future of the people who use our services, and provide information that brings about realization for them, we’ll be unable to respond to such hopes.”

Upon hearing that, Hasen said, “Actually…”, and began to open up about something he had been feeling. “I’m fond of Mynavi’s logo. Looking back at my own life, like this sky-blue curve, there have been peaks and valleys. Things haven’t always been constantly improving. It’s just recently that I had a drastic change of direction from being an announcer to being a video producer. While going through worries and struggles, I’m moving forward.”

It is certain that Hasen’s words reflect the feelings of many people who use Mynavi’s services. After receiving those words with a serious expression, Tsuchiya spoke of his impression of when purpose was created.

“In one glance, it immediately felt right to me. I felt a zeal befitting Mynavi, and more than anything, the history that has been built over 50 years was packed inside.”

It is a time of starting anew and plunging into an unprecedented unknown. In purpose, which serves as the compass for a journey, our pasts just may be expressed.

First and foremost, it is important that the employees are happy.

In order to not make purpose a pipe dream, the presence of the employees, who embody it in substantive form, is important above all else. Lastly, Tsuchiya spoke passionately about the over 13,000 partners in the Mynavi Group who share this purpose.

“Without the happiness of the employees, we cannot achieve the happiness of our users, clients, and society. For that reason, this purpose is first and foremost directed toward each employee. After all, unless the people working at Mynavi have a heartfelt enjoyment of their work and have full lives, they won’t be able to give strength to others,” he explained. He went on to add, “What can be done for the happiness of the employees? It is my mission to continue thinking about that.”

Hasen added support for Tsuchiya’s words in a lively manner. “I would love for you to convey that feeling and that passion to all of your employees. After all, the people who belong to an organization want to know about the thoughts of the management. Do you engage in communication with your employees?”

In response to this straightforward question, Tsuchiya revealed his inner feelings. “To tell the truth, that’s my largest worry… I’m always so busy with the jobs in front of me, I’m unable to make time for exchanges with the employees. Aiming for the transformation of a company starts with yourself. The other day, I began an activity in which I went to meet with employees around the country. I want the employees to actually feel how serious we in management are about changing the culture of Mynavi.”


Representative Director, President and Executive Officer, Mynavi Corporation

Yoshiaki Tsuchiya

Representative Director, President and Executive Officer of Mynavi Corporation. Born in 1963.
Joined Mainichi Communications (currently Mynavi) in 1987. Took on current post in December 2021.


Hasen Kuniyama

MC and Producer.
Born in 1991. Joined TBS in 2013 as announcer.
In January 2023, after leaving TBS, began participating in video media “PIVOT” as producer.

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